The towering artifice of aloneness.

What you aren’t. (Happy?Fulfilled?)

What does it shine as? ✨pictures + feelings? 🖤 Rumbling story?

How long does it do so?

A frustrating game of pin the tail on the donkey.

Poor donkey.

✨Word now shines as a luminous force of creation-

a playground blossoms between us. ✨

The donkey was tied up- I didn’t know why, and in the realm of humans, neither of us were in social position to play liberator.

We would be together, sometimes- I brought snacks.

Little freedoms in pleasure of basic existence. Food, drink, companionship.

I may never know if he was as sad as I.

Dedicated to the donkey I met in San Pancho, 2017

while in the turmoil of domestic abuse.

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