-a recipe 

Beat head against wall

o. didn’t work

must be the WRONG WALL 


Beat head against another wall




Light dawns (from crack in skull)




it’s the beating that hurts.


ok ok. 

got it. stop beating.


noooooo. stop. 

i’m trying! 

just stop. 

i caaaaan’t!




that’s beating too. 

that’s beating two.


One thought on “Stubborn

  1. (Douglas Harding. Head Off Stress.)


    Fortunately what matters, what gives relief from our stress and distress, isn’t our knowledge of the Great Beyond (it is absolutely unknowable, most of all to itself) but our direct perception of it. The happy and saving facts are: Only This can be clearly seen because only This is so simple, so clear and plain and all-on-show that it just cannot be mis-seen. Only This can be perfectly got because only in This is there nothing to get. Only This can insure us against and repair the ravages of time because only This is timeless. Only This can safely be relied upon because only This neither relies upon nor needs any foundation whatever: it has the useful knack of hoisting itself out of the Inane, out of the Dead Blank, by its own boot-straps. If you can’t trust the One who has this impossible know-how, who or what can you trust? (Douglas Harding. Head Off Stress.)

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