Being Alive

Music for Existential Crisis? 🧡🌺✨… This song started as the first glimmers of a dream, arising from the death-bubbles of another one, as it drifted to the bottom of the sea- sunken treasure, a song for history. First summer after lock-downs, a year full of expanding awareness of inter-connectivity- I was hanging out with friendsContinue reading “Being Alive”

New Video- Premiere for In the Key of E!

Join me on Feb. 5th for the video release of Key of E! I wrote this at the start of lockdowns, for someone far away whose name starts with E. It’s about the comfort we can take in a memory (the key of E) while things are rough.

What about the elephant in the room?


where do u go beauty  where does all shit pile useless talk is useless resistance is not futile . March 4th March Forth! who hears the message who hears the day ? PRIVATE ELEPHANTS FOR THE STRONG OF HEART

We are gardeners

I am notoriously hermit-ual yet believe All Important Things can be found through relaxation, care and connection. I know it is not a blank sea of hostile hearts out there. There is a web of wisdom beings- I have seen their art- played their music and been enchanted, engraved and transported by their visions. TheyContinue reading “We are gardeners”


And then there was the time I made a swinging version of Waiting for the Miracle (Leonard Cohen) while overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a run-down apartment with a friend from Montreal- Roch Gallo. The photo was snapped close to Wildlife Rescue at the end of Drake. The rose? A local beauty on the sideContinue reading “Jazzicorn”

Old Bones

Let it go
It’s old bone
Deep in the dirt
Slow nourishing
death 💀 history
Or dig it up
Cook it in a broth
If space and will are present
Either way
No thing does not
Feed everything else

Hlak Sum Nam Dak

Where did the buck stop? Where is a buck? Did it stop? Where buck? poof sparkle flickle mind dust it is true at at the root of every mental pain is the thought thou art entirely separate


how could care control?Care would carry your weary weight on it’s own back. That which will seek controlis not careful of the tender-heartedThat which seeks control is not care. Care rejoices in your success through the flat pancake of time. Care is carefulof each footprintupon your heart Care would not dream of impingingof taking what is notContinue reading “Care”


Be Whole From one perspective, these are both flowers- same:same.  That’s where they meet.   Yet  their differences spark delight and  lend wholeness to the picture. In the unitary space of flowerhood lies an infinite potential for variation.  It is the face of  the others that gives our transient luminosity form. behold:beheld


all of you is welcome at my table come eat, drink, breath deeply come sit, be still, stand and be merry or contrary. come you who conceive of knowledge as commodity in a ruthless game of checkers come you to whom summary dismissals and hasty misapplication  come with wolfish alacrity come all of you is welcome atContinue reading “Come.”


about this site: This site is a place where  songs and poems that make the unfathomable journey from the unknown ocean- may bask in the light that you are.

mountain of pride

Mountain of Pride

Sitting high and blusterous Condemning things

Idiot Stupid

Pretence of unassailability While failing to give any Thoughtful reason why

love speaks…

i am love speaking everything i say i lose for i am the process of becoming clothed in the language of the world.

no line in the sand

There is no line in the sand.

I’ve been looking at things.
how they go together.
how they fall apart.

communication as information exchange
the experience of peace
of space
of freedom

arguments can end at the place of, “well, where is the line in the sand?”
someone pointing out that there is no line.
and out the baby goes with the bathwater and down the drain into the void.

we influence the line in the sand.
we magic it into being.
together as peace =
together listens.
and births the new line.


Hopelessness As if it’s a bad thing, we say it and imagine dejection dripping down. but with hope we have pitted a self against the future one that’s always i-eye’ing the dangling carrot of a perfection perfectly always and forever out of reach .

I d*e* th n ic t*s i ty

When i seek out the source of myself comes a void space-like ness i am myself so i cannot be found * when i seek you out all i find is dream rainbow web and shimmering sensations * us is web * it is web * I is web *

On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma

pearls of wisdom lute string trillioning . the perfect moon pointed  out . “how do you receive such preciousness, a treasure you already possess?” ask some. ____________________ we now have a previously unknown view of the Buddhist diaspora. these days, we have the option of learning as many different conceptual formulations, practise-maps and pointing out’sContinue reading “On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma”

How to Become A Dinosaur

be close-minded (refuse to entertain input from others. say things like, “i don’t care what you have to say.”) be unquestioning in the superiority of your thoughts/opinions (the corollary being- devalue the input of your community) Don’t evaluate the impact of your behaviours on others. These behaviours stem from thoughts and belief-nets. Don’t examine thoseContinue reading “How to Become A Dinosaur”

Burn this World Down.

Love is all that matters.It is not matter.Do not deny it.Do not put it off until later.Love is yours to re-cognizeAs yours It is not in matter.Tend the flame. Tend the flame.Burn this world down.

Ode to an Orb in the Web

Ode to a Orb in the Web farmerweb designerwearer of skirts lover of circles and spacetree curve appreciatorbuilder  does truth and simplicity come easy to one whohas pockets reserved for unknown delights? “tell me everything you know about love” o, i don’t know anything about itonly that it always looks different https://unistoten.camp


i said: fuck u god. for all the good i want but don’t have. for all the bad i don’t want but do have. god replied: .dog u kcuf thaw i doog eht lla rof .evah t’nod tub .tnaw t’nod i dab eat llama rof .evah od tub goddess laughed: tend the web. tend theContinue reading “Interbeing”

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette “I will speak of fact,” said she,  “ask questions regarding the circumstantial evidence needed for painting conclusions.” And so some asked,  “wherefore were the clouds of jupiter?” and others, “what fire filled your heart?” while also were there who drew without questions-  trigger finger instinct struggle to survive wild sparkling despair rage, atContinue reading “Russian Roulette”

Ode to a Cage

you are the limits of compassionthe edge of bounded heartyou map the shackles restraining infinite joyand are my matchless guide to freedom without you, this invisible cagewould stay just that- invisible who are you? each and everyirritating person, thing or thought

Home is Here the Heart IS

the bright clear awake now that is home that is where this felt-sense of self abides strongly although it’s ghostly spectres can be found in all of times picture shows it’s always been hasn’t it? > here . do you remember not being?  the morning bell sounds . time to start dreaming:  check the moment before-Continue reading “Home is Here the Heart IS”

Fear of Failure

does a leaf fail when it falls?  does a tree fail during drought? this human mindgrows from a soilmuch bigger than itself learn from othersopen to truthall aroundcrack the shell& stay with the old discomfortsas they bubble away  stay stay stay! and know when You were gone and where you were – that ghost town-whereContinue reading “Fear of Failure”

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty “of the two witnesses stick with the principal” -lojong slogan (developing good heart)      sleeping beauty.  nobody else can tell you your heart’s desire- it is unique to you   everything leans  you are interdependently unique like a snowflake- and as transient too this depends on that  everything leans    your bound nature  stems limitlessly  fromContinue reading “Sleeping Beauty”


Selflessness Thought is border  -like an elephant’s fragile rope-  it can bind without substance   Unexamined belief binds beings as beings   Take this collection of thought, call it my mind   Take this collection of memory moments call it my life   Here, newly minted sense percepts become world   And me- oh my- Continue reading “Selflessness”

Worth i

Your Worth Your worth is not determined by the actions of others    Your worth is not determined by the actions of others.   Skewed shame sees suchness    not as the Holy I AM   -worth’s residence-    but as a simple pride i am alone    i am  alone . . in truth .Continue reading “Worth i”

no reason

no reason Love doesn’t need a reason   not one not many not any    for all of creation is it’s season   without cause  without blame without loss without gain   But Rudderless wind-tossed … Reason needs love or  it is lost   


Nourishment . nourishment is it not apparent? your heart yearning?   what shackles-  what mind forged manacles can bind   the pure  beginninglessness of you?   arising from nothing to become nothing  while never being other than  what is more akin   to the space  between  than  word   * seek out the source of names destroy grasping at theContinue reading “nourishment”

Happiness love and kindness

Happiness Love Kindness Happiness love and kindness are 3 aspects of the same thing the vital force of creative nothing    the miracle of something-ness transient like a cloud ineffable like a whisper how laughable is the belief in solid dense reality to such a view    i love you regardless of any moment ofContinue reading “Happiness love and kindness”

In Vain Glorious

In Vain Glorious did it die in vain? that breeze-shimmered mountain aven caught by cold frost,  paw hoof nail and snout it’s beauty revealed only as reflection -once as passing eye of eagle- did it die in vain? with no boxed name given it  no prizes and portraits no lamination dissemination fame it’s tenderness it’s undoingContinue reading “In Vain Glorious”

we think

we think it’s in the doing we think it’s in the doing   and so we do and do trying to build an imagined future with blind action and lame hope   but when being undoes doing by simply  stopping    just    stop   .   we do it in the thinking.   odd naContinue reading “we think”

“I Want”

I Want. I want to know Us.   I want to know and kiss every inch of those brown tattooed arms and know the smell of your neck.   I want to know those hands on this waist and ass and pulling pulling down   I want to know going out together  into that explosion ofContinue reading ““I Want””


Stubborn -a recipe  Beat head against wall o. didn’t work must be the WRONG WALL    Beat head against another wall ow. again.   Light dawns (from crack in skull)   o!   it’s the beating that hurts.   ok ok.  got it. stop beating.   noooooo. stop.  i’m trying!  just stop.  i caaaaan’t!   o.Continue reading “Stubborn”


maybe… maybe meworld  is  reflection   listener’s song>waterbug skittels   i wanna know what love is i want you to tell me…   who sang that?  was it some ONE? where ARE they?     ? ?see? ?   does that mean they don’t exist? for real-zees?  just as thought?   Th   aaaaaau    Continue reading “maybe…”

Spiritual Safety

Spiritual Safety aka- Truth of Timelessness   A human can come to understand the timeless deathless unborn nature of reality   -concepts that point  beyond the conceptual human mind-   when understanding dawns  it does so within and  AS that reality that concepts can only  partially describe   to grok this is to be  spiritually safeContinue reading “Spiritual Safety”

Static Cling

STATIC CLING keeps pulling words and streams of something felt but not seen out of me so like an iron filing my whole being is tuned to the great mystery of attraction sparks fly between the poles of you and i die i die . . .

Skyflower Photons

  SKYFLOWER PHOTONS   The gossamer wings of a butterfly are more substantial  than this world held together by light    luminous skyflower photons    that are as real as they seem as real as they seem as real as a dream    


US   only do i suffer when i suffer the thought of not enough   so wordless and still becomes i for hello’s and goodbye’s   as two silences become one  or being one become two-  full of enough of these precious winking slices of time   seeds there planted so that when i sit aloneContinue reading “US”

Who’s Worth What?

Who’s Worth What? am i worth it? a good question for nights of gory paradise with phantom aches and real pain a bad question for enticing the seamless dreamless expanse To Surrender Her pretentions … Drop Her filmy veils … And stop asking questions


Turiya   Meditation=Life Sitting before a master no head wonder tapestry of rainbow thread enharmonic unity that was   never    two time

Divine I

Divine i the divine intelligence is so sweet so simple it breaks the heart tears flow from such Infinit-Essence

Heaven’s Doorbell

Heaven’s  doorbell God is not some private prize exclusive to the faithful but the inherent condition of us all God the word is a pointer God is the pointing God is the fabric of reality God contains all divisions and those divisions are made of God God is an insufferable paradox and so paradox is heaven’sContinue reading “Heaven’s Doorbell”


awareness >notice< everything is already accepted >notice< without tense because no time    thoughts   – words are duality itself ->   they are the slicing dicing tools that create 3rd person   -A so-called objective imaginary stance-   in Silence Still infinite Presence  that is you.   The felt experience of being a “thing”Continue reading “Awareness”

Pop the Weasel Part 2

want to pop the weasel? send the conceptual out on a hunt for what is real unchanging undying love . .

Pop Goes the Weasel!

Pop! goes the weasel Everything can be found to be Nothing  +  Nothing can be found to be Everything ….and in that paradox-   Pop Goes the Weasel! . . .


Self as Other What i want for you dear dear love   is infinite is tender bubbles with joy is fresh alpine morning awake tweeting dawn   isn’t anywhere else than here isn’t anything else than this   a happy morning story with an adventurous twist- if you like that sort of thing   a lullabyContinue reading “Self-As-Other”


homeland We share the same homeland you and i *deep unconditioned space*   you are my precious self i am your precious self   we are precious precisely a mathematical certainty that when you take everything away you get a whole 0 a black hole   conditioned space dances where time ebbs & flows butContinue reading “Homeland”

heart crack love

Heart crack love heart crack love came calling   i shut the door who wants that vagrant around messing everything up?   heart crack love came sneaking through the baseboards covered in grime and revulsion   what the $@*#? seriously.   what the $&% love.   *heart crack love  came calling again -flurry-drenched in the sorrowContinue reading “heart crack love”

The Boxer

She puts her gloves on smooth & jazz like a mountain ……….fountain- Still ……Chill …………..& ready to kill. Mental Afflictions watch out!

O Great and Powerful Lord of Space

O Great and Powerfull Lord of Space  Practice: Yoga Asana   Unification of Mind-  Powertool of the Infinite’s own device:   From sustained intention to practice – unification of subminds continues and physical + mental pliancy unfold    this bliss becomes the wisdom that knows itself the illuminated + illuminating intelligence that permeates space    crystallizing  asContinue reading “O Great and Powerful Lord of Space”

Ride the Lightening

Ride the Lightening Practice: Settling the Mind in it’s Natural State    In the bleachers jaw drop awe   on the field? – an EPIC Vipassana Battle!!    Who’s winning?   – the ball vanishes over both left + right field simultaneously and hasn’t been seen since … poof!

Resting in the ?

 Resting in the ? Mark lacking certainty everything is found   not in wobbly doubt- tremors of the conceptual    but in the truth  that is not knowing   when  if who


DOUG dancing lights + sparkling sounds combine   O magik mixing!   complete with timestamp and a story   -Friend -Teacher -Most Welcome  Appearance -Divine Effulgence -DOUG.   Cue the Trumpets of Wonder!!

String Theory

i found you in my heart -we were friends there, and lovers too… i found you were my heart – for the moment- and tears of joy arose. the light shifted and that too, was gone.


Space Prana Crystals with meaning the sparkle in your wake .. ..    …       .. .. you enrich divide create destroy and where from?  on what divine sovereignty do you rein so? the empty hand of space thought that believes itself is delusion thought that knows itself is space’s radiant face

Here’s A Story

Here’s a Story here’s a story…   the truth of dependant origination unleashed a conceptual kerfuffle one dark stormy night   “what then is there besides what’s now?”   -its all a dream-  this life this body this mind  and all its inhabitants   -and yet this pink gets  put in wiggleswords time travels from here to <____>   trustworthyContinue reading “Here’s A Story”


          Re-Birth   born  without name  to ourselves   born of    ?  living green grace ?   a process that churns out stars and frogs lattes and little fish breathless in the ocean   learning happens a new pattern a fresh creation   a name me:she   holding to theContinue reading “Re-Birth”

The relative truth

The RelativeTruth The ultimate truth-call it what you will, can only be pointed to by relative words or known directly- 1st person point of view- no-face to no-face.   Because the pointing outs are relative, they can only be true for some, some of the time.   Becoming Whole   When God wants to laugh sheContinue reading “The relative truth”

To painful thoughts

To Painful Thoughts Hey little ones You have a voice speak!   All will listen.   And maybe then   the echo of you  the echo of your   pain   will turn to laughter in the cavern of consciousness


          Hope   To  those who have yet  to pass through    and so   have still  to pass through   the hurt  of a million honey razors   it ends   it must  


Communion there are many ways to go into union   -not all are wrapped and rolling-   some are still…   a pregnant spacefield teeming with unborn poppies   the flower of hope -of remembrance- of the end of war.