• Revolutionary Lullabies Vol 1

    Revolutionary Lullabies Volume 1

    Album in the Works: Revolutionary Lullabies.

  • Single

    Maybe In November, 2011

  • Album

    Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler 2011.

  • Album

    A double CD & Book of Poetry.

  • Album

    Album co-produced with Roch Gallo in 2005.

  • Into Orbit

      No more studying Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  Imma go to acting school.  Year Later: oooo music! Then- this album, made with Brian Root (Drums), my little 4 track and zero know-how.  The beginning of song shaping and sharing, and oh-so-oh embarrassing to listen to.  Pride.  It’s a zinger.

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