Here’s A Story

Here’s a Story

here’s a story…


the truth of dependant origination

unleashed a conceptual kerfuffle

one dark stormy night


“what then is there besides what’s now?”


-its all a dream- 

this life this body this mind 

and all its inhabitants


-and yet

this pink gets 

put in wiggleswords

time travels






trustworthy is awareness’ mistress

some call her karma

some see her as emptiness


no one sees both

and lives as simply as that.

2 thoughts on “Here’s A Story

  1. 14. The Insight into States that is Higher Understanding abandons all misinterpretations due to grasping at a core of substantial existence.

    [Insight into States occurs through knowing an object by seeing its dissolution, and by also seeing the dissolution of consciousness together with its object. “Formations dissolve, there is nothing beyond the death of formations” is the Higher Understanding and is the Insight into States. By this means, the grasping at a permanent core, which is accompanied by craving, is abandoned. When 1-3 and 11-13 are established, 14 is partly penetrated.]

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