And then there was the time I made a swinging version of Waiting for the Miracle (Leonard Cohen) while overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a run-down apartment with a friend from Montreal- Roch Gallo.

The photo was snapped close to Wildlife Rescue at the end of Drake.

The rose? A local beauty on the side of the road.

– be well 🐝 happy, meshe

Addressing Rigidity & Dilitantism in Practise

The world of spiritual practise- that rigorous science and art of working with what is to realize what is not- has opened up tremendously.

In 2018, many of us can practise Vipassana as taught by Goenka-ji, study with various teachers in yoga traditions, cultivate shamatha or rest in luminous empty awareness. We can practise self-less service, vajrayana or zen. We can pray. We can meditate. We can stay with one Teacher until we shed mis-identification and truth is revealed in all it’s glory. We can read (for the rest of our lives) books, watch audios and write in our spiritual diaries. The significance of this ability to practise freely (still not available to all) and the desire to do so should not be overlooked and thereby squandered.

Let your practise be an adventure- mixing in the right ingredient at the right time-all in the spirit of loving kindness. Yes, get a guide. Yes, figure out where you’re going (i.e. FOLLOW the recipe). Yes (yes) stick with something. But beware conflating ingredients for a recipe- or we don’t get a path, we get covered in flour.

That broccoli soufflé.  It always came down to that damned broccoli soufflé. You had TRIED to stay true to one tradition (your mum’s, of course), there was no question, but an elephant owns herself, a dragons gotta burn & artsy WILL flair… and so began The Quest for a Magic Puff.

To be continued…

Old Bones

Old Bones

Let it go
It’s old bone
Deep in the dirt
Slow nourishing
death 💀 history
Or dig it up
Cook it in a broth
If space and will are present
Either way
No thing does not
Feed everything else

Song: Bittersweet Cherry from Revolutionary Lullabies Vol. 1- TIME.


Be Whole

From one perspective, these are both flowers- same:same.  That’s where they meet.  

Yet  their differences spark delight and  lend wholeness to the picture.

In the unitary space of flowerhood lies an infinite potential for variation.

 It is the face of  the others that gives our transient luminosity form.



all of you is welcome at my table


eat, drink, breath deeply


sit, be still, stand and be merry

or contrary.


you who conceive of knowledge as commodity

in a ruthless game of checkers


you to whom summary dismissals

and hasty


come with wolfish alacrity


all of you is welcome at my table

all of you is welcome at my table

come let’s talk.

all is welcome at the table.

come. come. 

please, come.


about this site:

This site is a place

where  songs and poems

that make the unfathomable journey

from the unknown ocean-

may bask in the light

that you are.

Dead Inside

New Demo. Keep going? It’s all midi which is technically dead inside. 💀 There is a punch line at the very end of this song- it’s a phrase someone told me that stuck with me as a good piece of advice on how to persevere while feeling dead inside. If you want to support me…

Sorin’s Theme

It was raining, and this song kept coming into mind, so I took some video. Hope you get a good sense of the walk!  It was magic.

||| stripes ||| winter

Blob is the personification of SPLASH, a watery mini-album in the works. They’ve been feeling a little lost and have a story to tell. SPOILER: It’s a love story.