On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma

on receiving and transmitting pearls of wisdom

pearls of wisdom

lute string trillioning


the perfect moon




“how do you receive such preciousness,

a treasure you already possess?”

ask some.


we now have a previously unknown view of the Buddhist diaspora.

these days, we have the option of learning as many different conceptual formulations, practise-maps and pointing out’s as are alive in global culture; life-span permitting.

so how do we receive a dharma teaching?


teachings that have been tenderly passed down 

and guarded 

and argued about on the debate grounds of the truth-seekers, 

teachings that comes from gentle, loving parent-figures 

and  fearsome-gazed youth,

… and too from those who wander silent amongst the deer.

buddhadharma teachings  for me come from noble people.

joyful, patient, kind, flexible, living decent stable lives 

and creating environments that benefit others attracted to buddhadharma.

teach me to be happy. teach me to be free. 


if we aren’t already wide-open with devotion, 

 dissolved self in the ocean-

sit and receive.

relax the conceptual mind.

enter samadhi on the sound.

know what you are practising and know that you are practising.

rejoice. relax. the time for scepticism is on the cushion in analytic meditation.


how does one give a dharma teaching?


great care full tenderness

arises from appreciation


meditation &





you find yourself 

wanting to 

serve up a dollop 

of love 

& compassion 

on the tender, bruised places in this transparent world. 

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