Nebulous Cloud

Nebulous Cloud Single Cover Art
Nebulous Cloud by me:she (meshe mooette)
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me:she aka meshe mooette aka michelle dumond

What about the elephant in the room?


Vocals/Arrangement/Lyrics/Keys/Acoustic Guitar: MeShe Mooette

Horn Arrangements: Meshe & Erik Engholm

Horn Section: Erik Engholm, Ashton Sweet, Chad Taylor

Electric Guitar: John Buchanan

Bass: Andrew Carey

Congas: Nimal Alw

Drums: Eddie Riumin

Production/Mixing: Howard Redekopp

Song Written by: Michelle Dumond SOCAN 100%

100% MAPL

Video Director: Lisa Marie Dumond

Video Set Dec: Lisa Marie Dumond

Drums/Horns/Bass Recorded at Monarch Studio

All else recorded at Fuzzy Studios Video

Released by: Fuzzy Records InnerORE films.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/137S5SZs4LOg7J14urphIa

Pre-order the album: https://meshe.bandcamp.com/album/revolutionary-lullabies-vol-1-time