Mountain of Pride

mountain of pride

Sitting high and blusterous 
Condemning things 
Pretence of unassailability
While failing to give any 
Thoughtful reason why

Beyond that- why should we listen to you? What credentials do you have in the rich experience field?
How dirty, really, are your hands?
Oh, you just read a gardening manual once.

We should listen to you, why?
Because you speak loudly?
With the force of a bully?

At least Dumbo had huge ears.

One thought on “Mountain of Pride

  1. Religious or other forms of intolerance can appear benign. Like sitting on a mountain of pride, looking down upon the insidious plebeians who have spiritual, or religious practices and beliefs. To those who have not questioned their “non-religious” dogma of superiority, I ask- do you truly know what that individual’s psyche needs? Are you prepared to “show them the error of their ways”? How? Violently? If someone is using a model of understanding (say astrology) that you find ridiculous, be kind and articulate. Start a conversation if it feels appropriate. If not, let them be. Tolerance seeks understanding. If that model is providing something for them, who are you to try to rip it away? Why contribute to violence that you condemn in other circumstances?

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