The world of spiritual practise- that rigorous science and art of working with what is to realize what is not- has opened up tremendously.

In 2018, we can practise Vipassana as taught by Goenka-ji, study with various teachers in yoga traditions,  cultivate shamatha or rest in luminous empty awareness.   We can practise self-less service, vajrayana or zen.  We can pray.  We can meditate.  We can stay with one Teacher until we shed mis-identification and truth is revealed in all it’s glory.  We can read (for the rest of our lives) books, watch audios and write in our spiritual diaries.  The significance of this ability to practise freely and the desire to do so should not be overlooked and thereby squandered.

But of all the things we do, let’s not conflate these practises with recipes.  They are each ingredients, not necessarily stand-alone recipes for awakening.  Especially when we have  a clear view of what is path and what is not path.


You write your recipe.  You chart your path up the mountain.  Yes, get a guide.  Yes, figure out where you’re going.  Yes, stick with something.

Maybe it’s a broccoli soufflé.  You’re a purist, and stayed true to one tradition, but you have artsy flair, so wanted something with a magic puff.

To be continued…