To  those

who have yet 

to pass through 


and so


have still 

to pass through


the hurt 

of a million honey razors


it ends


it must


One thought on “Hope

  1. When we believe and act as if things have qualities in and of themselves, for example positive qualities that we want to cling to- that is licking honey off a razor blade. This is an analogy found in Buddhist teachings about attachment and suffering, specifically the suffering of change. An example, ‘Oh, he’s sooooo wonderful. I will do anything to be around him.” But eventually the “wonderful” changes, and the razor blade is exposed.

    Passing through refers to magga phala (Pali).

    “The essence of the magga-phala or any other enlightenment experience is that it is a direct and unmediated experience that involves a completely different way of knowing than what we are used to.” – Culadasa (John Yates)


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