Heaven’s Doorbell

Heaven’s  doorbell

God is not some private prize

exclusive to the faithful

but the inherent condition of us all

God the word is a pointer

God is the pointing

God is the fabric of reality

God contains all divisions and those divisions are made of God

God is an insufferable paradox

and so paradox is heaven’s doorbell

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2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Doorbell

  1. Ultimate Truth or Reality versus Constructed or Relative Reality

    Ultimate Reality is usually described by negations, paradoxes, and a single positive assertion:

    First The Negations: According to those who lay claim to a direct experience of the Ultimate, and least as far as the human, conceptual mind is concerned, the Ultimate is
    Inconceivable (i.e. beyond all conceptualization, comprehension and understanding)
    Unconditioned Infinite Timeless
    (By virtue of which it is unchanging, beginningless and unceasing)

    The only positive attribute of the Ultimate attested to by experience is:
    Awareness or Consciousness. The experience of the Ultimate is described consistently described as conscious, but as consciousness with neither a subject nor an object, which makes it a consciousness that is quite distinct from ordinary consciousness, which is invariably “consciousness of”, and consists in a duality of knower and known. The illuminating Clear Light of the Mind is equated with Ultimate Reality. Consciousness, in this sense of the word, is the ultimate, irreducible ground of all ‘being’ even in ordinary experience, because in the absence of consciousness, anything ‘is’ only by virtue of inference and assumption.

    The Paradoxes:
    Despite being Indivisible and Undifferentiated, but by virtue of being Conscious: Ultimate Reality encompasses two infinite Manifolds, that of all possible dualistic conscious experiences, and that of all impossible dualistic consciousness events. This is the reality that is relative and constructed rather than Absolute or Ultimate.

    — Culadasa (John Yates)

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