Nebulous Cloud Queen
Meshe eats a strawberry while lying on set filming Nebulous Cloud.

A drizzle of jazz, a touch of folk and a lot of heart- me:she straddles many lines in life and music. Inspirations include trees, laughing and playing music with people.

“me:she’s unique, trailblazing blend of experimental pop & jazz is sure to captivate any listener.” – Earshot

“In Meshe’s music you hear a level of sophistication that comes with training and then soul searching and rich life experiences….the sound is difficult to classify. I hear traces of jazz and folk along with quirky, theatrical elements.” 

-BC Musicians Magazine 

“.. the musical skills to establish credibility with a more artsy crowd, and the earthiness and humor to make it more accessible to people like me who just love music. Meshe can sing anything, play anything and seduce anyone. Go ahead and give in.” 

– Jennifer Layton, (2006 review of The Me Shell)


Is it roots music?  What is roots music? I don’t know sometimes. All I know is this is one of the coolest things that’s showed up in the Moose’s inbox in a while.  This song pairs Me:she’s seductively deep voice with some bubbly, bassy synth; evocative horn; what sounds like Middle Eastern percussion and some other Middle Eastern sounds in the background. The overall impression is arty and captivating, and so is this video, which is Just. So. Cool.

me:she (has been called) “a free-spirited musician with the soul of a jazz singer and the playfulness of a burlesque performer.”  Sounds about right to me.  I can’t wait to hear more from her.


“Funky and jazzy with unique vocals. Multi-genre influences.“


Vancouver artist me:she, a.k.a. Meshe Mooette, sent us a video earlier this year that was part pop, part jazz, part world and insanely fun and artistic. I’ve listened to a bunch of her stuff since then, and while it doesn’t all embody the unbridled sassiness of “Nebulous Cloud,” she’s got an unmistakable “sound” that is utterly compelling – especially when she covers Bruce Cockburn’s “Waiting for a Miracle.”


The #EarshotSongOfTheDay is ‘Nebulous Cloud’ by #Vancouver‘s me:she. It’s unique, trailblazing blend of experimental pop & jazz is sure to captivate any listener.


Vancouver singer-songwriter Meshe Mooette has a uniquely warm and enveloping way with fusions of jazz, soul, folk, and global influences. Her style is unassuming at first, but very quickly can become overwhelming in its soul-nourishing loveliness. 


Vancouver’s Meshe Mooette, aka ME:SHE, is a subtle individualist. Blending soul, folk, jazz, global influences and a meditative approach to life, she makes the dreamiest, most soothing sounds. Check out her upcoming livestream, dig into her catalogue – but also, subscribe to her mailing list to get insight into her process via demos by email..

photo credit: Marnie Recker Photography
Meshe eats a strawberry while lying on set filming Nebulous Cloud.