Blame it on the Rain

Extract from Innercraft Podcast with Meido Moore It has been raining a lot in Vancouver the last few months. The overgrown everything plump and vibrant green; sky to sea linked in gray gradation. I never know when they will happen, these misty morning mashups- but I’m always glad.


Hopelessness As if it’s a bad thing, we say it and imagine dejection dripping down. but with hope we have pitted a self against the future one that’s always i-eye’ing the dangling carrot of a perfection perfectly always and forever out of reach .

How to Become A Dinosaur

be close-minded (refuse to entertain input from others. say things like, “i don’t care what you have to say.”) be unquestioning in the superiority of your thoughts/opinions (the corollary being- devalue the input of your community) Don’t evaluate the impact of your behaviours on others. These behaviours stem from thoughts and belief-nets. Don’t examine thoseContinue reading “How to Become A Dinosaur”

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette “I will speak of fact,” said she,  “ask questions regarding the circumstantial evidence needed for painting conclusions.” And so some asked,  “wherefore were the clouds of jupiter?” and others, “what fire filled your heart?” while also were there who drew without questions-  trigger finger instinct struggle to survive wild sparkling despair rage, atContinue reading “Russian Roulette”