Hopelessness As if it’s a bad thing, we say it and imagine dejection dripping down. but with hope we have pitted a self against the future one that’s always i-eye’ing the dangling carrot of a perfection perfectly always and forever out of reach .

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette . wiser world words we need wiser word worlds not from the wizen of old nor from the arrogance of youth for from the  friction fullness of both sparks fly what i call  love is so deeply unscrutiable  beyond assail and unfathomable devilishly out of reach  . do unicorns fall through rainbows?

Ode to a Cage

you are the limits of compassionthe edge of bounded heartyou map the shackles restraining infinite joyand are my matchless guide to freedom without you, this invisible cagewould stay just that- invisible who are you? each and everyirritating person, thing or thought

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