Addressing Rigidity & Dilitantism in Practise

The world of spiritual practise- that rigorous science and art of working with what is to realize what is not- has opened up tremendously. In 2018, many of us can practise Vipassana as taught by Goenka-ji, study with various teachers in yoga traditions, cultivate shamatha or rest in luminous empty awareness. We can practise self-lessContinue reading “Addressing Rigidity & Dilitantism in Practise”

Ride the Lightening

Ride the Lightening Practice: Settling the Mind in it’s Natural State    In the bleachers jaw drop awe   on the field? – an EPIC Vipassana Battle!!    Who’s winning?   – the ball vanishes over both left + right field simultaneously and hasn’t been seen since … poof!


DOUG dancing lights + sparkling sounds combine   O magik mixing!   complete with timestamp and a story   -Friend -Teacher -Most Welcome  Appearance -Divine Effulgence -DOUG.   Cue the Trumpets of Wonder!!