On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma

pearls of wisdom lute string trillioning . the perfect moon pointed  out . “how do you receive such preciousness, a treasure you already possess?” ask some. ____________________ we now have a previously unknown view of the Buddhist diaspora. these days, we have the option of learning as many different conceptual formulations, practise-maps and pointing out’sContinue reading “On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma”

O Great and Powerful Lord of Space

O Great and Powerfull Lord of Space  Practice: Yoga Asana   Unification of Mind-  Powertool of the Infinite’s own device:   From sustained intention to practice – unification of subminds continues and physical + mental pliancy unfold    this bliss becomes the wisdom that knows itself the illuminated + illuminating intelligence that permeates space    crystallizing  asContinue reading “O Great and Powerful Lord of Space”