On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma

pearls of wisdom lute string trillioning . the perfect moon pointed  out . ‚Äúhow do you receive such preciousness, a treasure you already possess?‚ÄĚ ask some. ____________________ we now have a previously unknown view of the Buddhist diaspora. these days, we have the option of learning as many different conceptual formulations, practise-maps and pointing out‚ÄôsContinue reading “On Receiving and Transmitting Dharma”

Spiritual Safety

Spiritual¬†Safety aka- Truth of Timelessness ¬† A human can come to understand the timeless deathless unborn nature of reality ¬† -concepts that point¬† beyond the conceptual human mind- ¬† when understanding dawns¬† it does so within and¬† AS that reality that concepts can only¬† partially describe ¬† to grok this is to be¬† spiritually safeContinue reading “Spiritual Safety”

O Great and Powerful Lord of Space

O¬†Great and Powerfull¬†Lord of Space¬† Practice: Yoga Asana ¬† Unification of Mind-¬† Powertool of the Infinite’s own device: ¬† From sustained intention to practice – unification of subminds continues and physical + mental pliancy unfold¬† ¬† this bliss becomes the wisdom that knows itself the illuminated + illuminating intelligence that permeates space ¬† ¬†crystallizing¬† asContinue reading “O Great and Powerful Lord of Space”