How could care control? Care would carry your weary weight on its own back That which will seek control is not careful of the tender-hearted That which seeks control is not care Care rejoices in your success through the flat pancake of time Care is careful Of each footprint Upon your heart Care would notContinue reading “Care”

Ode to a Cage

you are the limits of compassionthe edge of bounded heartyou map the shackles restraining infinite joyand are my matchless guide to freedom without you, this invisible cagewould stay just that- invisible who are you? each and everyirritating person, thing or thought

no reason

no reason Love doesn’t need a reason   not one not many not any    for all of creation is it’s season   without cause  without blame without loss without gain   But Rudderless wind-tossed … Reason needs love or  it is lost   


Nourishment . nourishment is it not apparent? your heart yearning?   what shackles-  what mind forged manacles can bind   the pure  beginninglessness of you?   arising from nothing to become nothing  while never being other than  what is more akin   to the space  between  than  word   * seek out the source of names destroy grasping at theContinue reading “nourishment”


Self as Other What i want for you dear dear love   is infinite is tender bubbles with joy is fresh alpine morning awake tweeting dawn   isn’t anywhere else than here isn’t anything else than this   a happy morning story with an adventurous twist- if you like that sort of thing   a lullabyContinue reading “Self-As-Other”


homeland We share the same homeland you and i *deep unconditioned space*   you are my precious self i am your precious self   we are precious precisely a mathematical certainty that when you take everything away you get a whole 0 a black hole   conditioned space dances where time ebbs & flows butContinue reading “Homeland”

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