Behind the Honks

Recording Nebulous Cloud

This song is about the experience of oppression in the face of denial/avoidance. Two sides of a coin aren’t stuck together- they are two sides of one thing.

Recorded with a great bunch of folks who humoured my urge for NOIZEYNESS.

Vocals/Arrangement/Lyrics/Keys/Acoustic Guitar: Meshe Horn Arrangements: Meshe + Erik Horn Section: Chad Taylor, Erik Engholm, Ashton Sweet Electric Guitar: John Buchanan Bass: Andrew Carey Congas: Nimal Alw Drums: Eddie Riumin Production/Mixing: Howard Redekopp. Videos from left to right: Erik “Balloonateer” Engholm, Howard recording the animals (Sweet, Chad, Erik), John “Nebulous Cloud” Buchanan.

Well that all happened…

refresh yourself at the rabbit’s watering hole

(aka where the secret art + merch tent live)

all low-key live + perfectly timed *%#-ups