about this site:

This site is a place

where  songs and poems

that make the unfathomable journey

from the unknown ocean-

may bask in the light

that you are.

Dead Inside

New Demo. Keep going? It’s all midi which is technically dead inside. 💀 There is a punch line at the very end of this song- it’s a phrase someone told me that stuck with me as a good piece of advice on how to persevere while feeling dead inside. If you want to support me…

Sorin’s Theme

It was raining, and this song kept coming into mind, so I took some video. Hope you get a good sense of the walk!  It was magic.

||| stripes ||| winter

Blob is the personification of SPLASH, a watery mini-album in the works. They’ve been feeling a little lost and have a story to tell. SPOILER: It’s a love story.

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