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||stripes|| summer edition

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fully functional store…

I was bed-bound this summer and got obsessed with understanding and building tech.

But what the heck fast-fashion, Meshe?

Which reminds me: Only buy a tee if Velveteen Rabbit’s are your thing, or if it’s spreading cheer-the leggings get happy comments on the street.

The best option? Add some graffiti to SPACE‘s album art. You’ll see it in the shop.

The End is the Beginning Album Art by me:she

In case of problems, there is a plan.

Data & Terms.

The tech obsession began after an artist friend introduced me to AI generation because I had to know: how this magic? I dove down deep rabbit holes- vectors, machine learning, tech podcasts…(tee art in the store is exceptionally human, made by a group of Sissiphantz. There are 2 AI pieces, that are clearly marked.)

The more I learned, the less I could sleep. I am not against artists using technology to make things- far from it. It’s just that big tech’s move fast and break things attitude, hyped-up narratives and monopolistic tendencies fail my basic arithmetic: life >>profit. Most staggering is the environmental impact.

So it’s back to making blob’s and music for me… and richer for it. I have a new appreciation for obscure images from my early data history and a growing awareness of alternatives to tech oligarchies. (Yes, I rage-quit FB/IG. Yes, I still engage in digital social space- here.)

And those restless nights wondering…why, Meshe, are you scavenging code from all over the interweb to build a custom storefront to house a rainbow t-shirt that you saw in a dream? I got some answers.

🌈 To paint this moment: 2020-2023, a wild ride. Because I’m making another album. Joy. All of that and everybody needs a t-shirt once in a while.

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