We are gardeners

I am notoriously hermit-ual yet believe All Important Things can be found through relaxation, care and connection. I know it is not a blank sea of hostile hearts out there.

There is a web of wisdom beings- I have seen their art- played their music and been enchanted, engraved and transported by their visions. They span time and space and come to me unbidden. I have shared food and activity, conversation and laughter with them. Some of them are not hard to find.

I Look to the beings who smile and wave when they see strangers 👋🖤.

As the waves of time season our friendships, companionships, love boats and liferafts- I for one am wondering why all the nautical references in relationship language. Are we two ships in the night? Two ships just passing by? Ok. This is clearly fodder for another post. 🖤