about this site:

This site is a place

where  songs and poems

that make the unfathomable journey

from the unknown ocean-

may bask in the light

that you are.

Being Alive

Music for Existential Crisis? 🧡🌺✨… This song started as the first glimmers of a dream, arising from the death-bubbles of another one, as it drifted to the bottom of the sea- sunken treasure, a song for history. First summer after lock-downs, a year full of expanding awareness of inter-connectivity- I was hanging out with friendsContinue reading “Being Alive”

New Video- Premiere for In the Key of E!

Join me on Feb. 5th for the video release of Key of E! I wrote this at the start of lockdowns, for someone far away whose name starts with E. It’s about the comfort we can take in a memory (the key of E) while things are rough.

What about the elephant in the room?


where do u go beauty  where does all shit pile useless talk is useless resistance is not futile . March 4th March Forth! who hears the message who hears the day ? PRIVATE ELEPHANTS FOR THE STRONG OF HEART