Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

“I will speak of fact,” said she,  “ask questions regarding the circumstantial evidence needed for painting conclusions.”

And so some asked,  “wherefore were the clouds of jupiter?”

and others, “what fire filled your heart?”

while also were there who drew without questions-

 trigger finger instinct struggle to survive

wild sparkling despair rage, at once placid, opaque and steamy 

For a moment


the sky grew dark with 

who’s what’s when’s  why’s and where’s


wiser world words

we need

wiser word worlds

not from the wizen of old

nor from the arrogance of youth


from the  friction fullness of both

sparks fly




what i call 


or the will of God 



is so deeply unscrutiable 

beyond assail

and unfathomable

devilishly out of reach 


do unicorns fall through rainbows?