Thought is border 

-like an elephant’s fragile rope- 

it can bind without substance


Unexamined belief binds beings

as beings


Take this collection

of thought, call it my mind


Take this collection of memory moments

call it my life


Here, newly minted sense percepts become world


And me- oh my- 

created by boundary

& fresh space time



And so it is seen.

and still it continues.


what isn’t * what is

what is*what isn’t


love makes more and more sense

and sense makes more and more love as the drop drops pretense

of self-origination

oceanic love continues

moving, crashing against itself- spraying the 10 000 things




One thought on “Selflessness

  1. elainechristinelaroche – Elaine (She/Her/Hers/Them/They/Theirs) is the Founder and Principle Consultant at Humanely Technologies. When she isn't working, Elaine writes music, performs, and organises community health initiatives.
    Elaine says:

    I love this poem.