Welcome! I’m happy to announce a new song has come rOREing out!

Settle, also known as “If Sorrow is a Given” came out all at once. It feels like the image below-the view from my window.

(the ocean inspired the lyrics to this song.)

The vision for this piece involves a large choir, soothing low trombones and a hypnotic piano melody.

“If sorrow is a given, because time has no friends- I’ll never see you again. But should time play the given, and sorrow it’s friend- when will I see you again- settling down, down, down into the sea, along with all who are lost there, and all who are lost here!” – Settle lyric

Demo 2.5

When recording the demo (I’m on version 2.6 right now), there was a burst of fireworks, that worked really beautifully with the mood. Sign up to be part of the insider demo listening circle.

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The Revolutionary Lullabies

Revolutionary Lullabies

In the Key of E

An ode to the sweetest of all key’s….

In the Key of E

I wrote this at the start of lockdowns, for someone far away whose name starts with E. It’s about the comfort we can take in a memory (the key of E) while things are rough.

Revolutionary Lullabies

Nebulous Cloud

What about the elephant in room?

Revolutionary Lullabies

Being Alive

Alive alive O…

Being Alive

Music for Existential Crisis? 🧡🌺✨… This song started as the death-bubbles of a dream drifting to the bottom of the sea- sunken treasure, a song for history. First summer after lock-downs, a year full of expanding awareness of inter-connectivity- I was hanging out with friends for the first time in a while.   The point? Continue reading “Being Alive”

This track isn’t finished yet! If you enjoyed the demo above, please consider supporting the recording of violins, drums and horns!