The Revolutionary Lullabies


The Revolutionary Lullabies have started to drip out. It’s a miracle.

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Settle is in early process.

I have a vision of incorporating a choir, soothing low trombones and a hypnotic piano melody.

Recording the demo

A burst of fireworks- the mood was perfect. If you like early demo’s, like the one below, get them emailed to you.

Settle Demo 2.5

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Not every demo makes it to recording magic.

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No Bagels for Billy
You could fit everything Billy didn't know inside a donut hole- which …
Someone’s Knocking
early demo club gets this emailed. just sayin'.
Being Alive
Music for Existential Crisis? 🧡🌺✨…
In the Key of E
I wrote this at the start of lockdowns, for someone far away …
Couldn’t say it in the moment…but I can say it now!
a cathartic meow turned roar
nebulous clouds don't last forever…
Doubt- A Cloud in the Sky
Doubt- a cloud in the sky, and one of the 5 hindrances.
Nebulous Cloud Sing-a-Ling
click for video.
The towering artifice of aloneness.
What you aren’t. (Happy?Fulfilled?) What does it shine as? ✨pictures + feelings? …
Sing-a-Ling: Asgeir- On That Day
A Sing-a-Ling is described IN a Sing-a-Ling, THIS IS A SING-A-LING.
Behind the Honks
look who's behind door #3!
We are gardeners
I am notoriously hermit-ual yet believe All Important Things can be found …